Voice & Chatbot Modality

Paro is a powerful AI assistant that synthesizes state of the art natural language processing with meticulously crafted and constantly evolving domain specificity to make accessing enterprise systems and data easier than ever. 



With Paro's AI-enabled assistance and insights, your team will be able to create more meaningful and personalized interactions with customers, empowering them to get the information that they need just in time and with an exponentially more user-friendly experience.

Enterprise Grade

Paro is an enterprise-ready solution and keeps your organization's data secure as it sits on top of all of your disparate information sources and CRM to improve recording of incoming data and retrieval of outgoing data for your sales team. 

Domain Specificity

There are some needs that are consistent for sales reps across all industries. Paro is unique in that it was designed with patent pending domain specificity so that it accommodates the unique needs of a rep's field.

Secure and Private

The way Paro has been engineered, at no point is your organization’s data vulnerable. We simply facilitate and empower the user to more conveniently access that information, Paro doesn’t store or retain anything.