Paro is a powerful AI assistant designed with sales in regulated industries in mind. With a focus on efficiency, productivity, and compliance, Paro streamlines the administrative tasks that ordinarily eat into a sales representative's time and cause frustration. Paro also provides insights and recommendations to help sales representatives and organizations in their strategic planning.



Rob Tedesco


Imran Deshmukh


The Paro leadership team has over 40 years of combined experience in the Life Science industry at various levels of product development, cloud infrastructure, commercialization, and much more. Paro as a concept was born out of the leadership team’s conversations with field sales representatives and hearing the same frustrations time and time again.


Paro’s highly skilled and passionate team is best described by the words “open” and “diverse”. We have a wide range of talent with an array of backgrounds and areas of expertise. Our team is also very open and immersed in Paro on a conceptual level, with every team member feeling empowered to bring ideas to the table to continue evolving the product to be the best it can be.


Think you might be a good fit for Paro? We’re a growing team that are excited to add new voices and talents to our ranks! Please fill out the form below and send your resume to info@paroai.com

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