Paro AI

Your Powerful AI Assistant On-The-Go!



Hey Paro,
Who Should I See Next?

AI Planning & Auto Routing

Paro smartly and instantly uses your organization's business rules and its own proprietary AI model to recommend the contacts you may want to see next.

Hey Paro,
Prepare for a Call!

On Demand Pre-Call Information

You don’t need to jump between multiple convoluted databases ever again. Paro makes pre-call planning and preparation easier than ever, and allows you to get the information you need just in time.

Hey Paro, Log a Call!

Compliant Call Logging

Paro makes it super easy to log call notes after your meeting.  With its powerful AI, it can record your notes compliantly based on your organization's requirements.  It's so smart Paro captures the key information and ignores the fluff.